​`With knowledge and compassion, and in partnership with our patient`s beliefs and goals, we strive to promote complete health but most importantly, ease suffering`

To all of our patients............

A huge thank you for working with us during the COVID19 pandemic and through all of the challenges it has thrown at us. The way we are delivering care has been been transformed out of necessity and in response to mitigating the potentially devastating effect of COVID. These changes have been swift and not without hard work and an engaged commitment from you all. Our mission throughout has remained strong- to be available for all of your healthcare needs whenever they arise. Access to the care we provide will continue to evolve and we ask for your continued patience and involvement.

Dr James Ingrey,

Medical Director


Dr Ingrey's practice has evolved.  The goals were to embrace team-based care and ensure we can offer registration to as many patients as possible without compromising access to appointments. We have 2 modern, purpose built clinics in strategic locations with both offering ample parking. The ability to offer appointments in a timely manner is key to primary care and our expansive team strives to meet this demand. With same day appointments and the ability to talk with a familiar member of your team 24/7, we continue to improve the care we can deliver. We offer tailored consultations by telephone, face to face 'virtual care' and in-person appointments. All of our physicians offer home visits to our most frail and vulnerable. 

To assist in the management of Dr Ingrey's patient list he has been joined by a Registered Nurse, Vonnie Walton. This new role will be instrumental in the delivery of care to patients with hypertension, diabetes, heart failure and chronic kidney disease. Her role will also extend to:

  • PAP screening 

  • Contraception advice/contraception starts 

  • Wound care

  • Post discharge follow up for recently admitted patients 


Patients registered with Dr Ingrey will also have access to permanent locum physicians, Dr Sharmeen Mazaheri, Dr Alfredo Tura and Dr Olena Beattie (October). These are well established physicians within the group, each with their own area of expertise. They will be available for all of your care needs and are integral team members. Additional physicians are anticipated to assist with this model.




As earlier announced, from August 13th, Dr Roddie will be leaving Port Augusta Family Practice and relocating to Calgary with his family. We would like to thank him for his dedication and hard work since Port Augusta's opening, and wish him and his family well on their future endeavors. (We remain hopeful they will return one day and our doors will always be open should this be the case!).


Having built established practices since their arrival in 2018, Dr Olson and Dr Hawley will be leaving Port Augusta Family Practice, effective November 1st 2020. Citing the need for a new challenge and to explore the potential of telehealth and care-delivery models, they will be moving initially to a premises in Tin Town, Courtenay.  A 3 month notification period advising patients of these changes is required, and will facilitate as smooth a transition as possible. Neither Dr Olson nor Dr Hawley are accepting new patients at this time.

For patients of Dr Olson and Dr Hawley wishing to remain at Port Augusta Family Practice, Dr Lucia Ma, Dr Alex Nataros and Dr James Ingrey have capacity to resume care. 

In early 2021, we will be joined by Dr Suzanne Gaskell. Subsequent to this we hope to be joined by another physician, mid 2021. The pre-registration process for these lists will be announced shortly.




For additional details regarding their plans, please contact Dr Olson and Dr Hawley directly............



* Please do not call the clinic for this information unless you are calling to notify us that you wish to remain a patient at Port Augusta Family Practice.


Online appointment booking is here! To streamline appointment bookings (and beat our busy phone lines!), you can now book appointments any time from your phone or smart device. More details and the registration process can be found here




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